Wide range of asset support

Tools depending on the area of use. Followers, motorcycle, car,
trucks, work vehicles, tractor units, ships, containers.

Related E-Passport

Route data, technical data, graph, visual representation, plotting on map

Filtering e-newsletter, export

Export in multiple formats, (PDF, XLS). Filtering by license plate number/driver, with sophisticated parameterisation options

General statistics

Distance travelled, number of stops, time spent travelling, time spent waiting, total journey time, stop share, average speed.

Office and private switch

Separation of official and private roads with physical switch or GO+ Driver

API data exchange foreign with applications

Data exchange with foreign applications

Forced identification

Forced driver identification (with optional service mode)

Electronic Identification

Electronic driver identification with RFID/NFC or proximity card

Fuel level monitoring

Factory (CAN) data display, capacitive probe measurement, refuelling report, alarm
abrupt drop in fuel level, low fuel level and refuelling

POI partners Management

Highlighting and isolating your own points and places. Import option, group management, colours

Simplified user

Entitlement management (self-service system). Vehicle and driver groups

Geo fencing

Unlimited quantities, with individual zone designation, zone entry and zone exit alarms

Customer notifications

Notification of customer events via email and SMS

Panic button

A push button in the passenger compartment sends an immediate alert to the specified person

External sensors monitoring

Cargo door, passenger compartment, service door monitoring. Data can be tracked backwards.

Thermometers module

Monitoring the temperature and humidity of the loading bay

Communication with an external alarm

A meglévő/gyári riasztó jelzés-továbbítása a beállított kommunikációs csatornákon (push, e-
mail, sms, applikáció, stb..) A riasztó típusától függő szolgáltatás.

Sabotage and vehicle protection

Up to internal battery operation, traction alarm, unauthorised start attempt

Route planner module

With real-time rescheduling, driver notification, GO+ mobile platform

OBU smartphone application

Provides real-time information on the E-toll payment data of vehicles registered in the HU-GO system, and sends an immediate push message to the driver in case of changes. If necessary, a change of axle number category is provided via the application.

GO+ Driving mode app

A simplified E-Passport with smartphone access for drivers
(§ 33 (2) and (3a) of Government Regulation 261/2011 (7.XII.). Provides support for E-Parking, can be used to manage office/private status,
track vehicle technical data and populate it with unique, vehicle-specific information.

GO+ Watch mode app

The app gives you the ability to look at your vehicles anywhere, anytime,
query their journey logs, technical data or even play back the daily
daily routes of a vehicle.

RPM analysis

RPM – Evaluate, compare and evaluate speed ranges on a graph.

CAN/FMS module interface

CAN / FMS module interface option for reading additional data: consumption, fuel level, revs, mileage, door openings, accelerator pedal position depending on model

Unique sampling

Unique sampling density of up to 10 seconds

Monitoring tachograph status data

The data recorded by the digital tachograph is read in real time, and in addition to identifying the driver, changes in the tachograph status (driving, work, rest) can be tracked (e.g. today’s driving time, total driving time for 2 weeks, etc.)

Download tachograph data

In addition to retrieving information in real time, it is also possible to remotely download stored data (regulatory requirements require data to be downloaded and stored every 28 days for driver cards and every 90 days for tachograph memory)

Trailer identification without wires

In the case of trailers, it may also be necessary to identify the tractor unit, for which we offer a hassle-free and automatic solution

Person tracking

In addition to fixed devices, we also offer mobile solutions, which vary in size, power supply and functionality.


Wireless accessories

Our range of services can be extended with different wireless solutions such as temperature and or humidity, door/door opening sensor, brightness sensor or even driver identification token.

TPMS Tyre status monitoring

The service helps to reduce operating costs – as vehicles equipped with the integrated FMS ContiPressureCheck solution can have their tyre pressure and temperature data monitored continuously. Simultaneous data on 12 tyres is available, with the possibility to adjust winter/summer values if required, if the trucks are moving in different areas of use. If the pressure drops or the operating temperature rises in the tyres, the fleet operator is immediately alerted, preventing a serious accident or damage.

Read and delete error code

With the DTC add-on module, it is possible to read or, in some cases, delete vehicle-side fault codes.

Custom interface design (white label)

Want to create a unique design interface to manage your own fleet?
Then you need…

Automated reports, statistics

Our solution for the export and automated extraction of large volumes of data,
which are stored on the portal or sent to you by e-mail.

Battery level measurement

A continuous power supply is essential for all our devices to work, primarily using the vehicle’s battery. It helps you to control its operation and keep it running at the correct level.

Built in battery

A continuous power supply is essential for the operation of all our devices, which
in addition to the power supply of the primary vehicle, it also has a built-in battery.

Eco drive driving analysis

A vehicle use monitoring accessory that uses the sudden change in excessive acceleration, deceleration or displacement force to produce an evaluation using a gyroscope in the installed device.

Vehicle Tracker (OBD - Plug and Play)

In addition to fixed on-board devices, “do-it-yourself” solutions are also well suited, allowing easy and simple fitting to the OBD port of vehicles under 3.5t.

GO+ Messenger module

In the world of mobile devices and IOT, a solution that provides fast and practical two-way communication can come in handy. The ITS GO+ application has been extended to include a text chat interface, which can be used to exchange information and digital data between drivers and the management team (sending and receiving pictures, documents and other attachments)

HU-GO Electronic toll declaration

Since 2015, our company has been a member of the National Toll Payment Service Ltd. (NÚSZ Zrt.), an audited e-toll declaration partner, which it offers to provide its partners with a full range of services.

Energy-saving mode

when the vehicle is switched off, the GPS device goes into sleep mode, but every 120 minutes it sends a so-called “heartbeat” to indicate the current position and status of the vehicle

Speed monitoring with notification

Notifications are generated in the system when globally or per vehicle adjustable maximum speed limits are exceeded, giving the operator more control in real time and in the long term.

Disengagement monitoring by changing the number of axles

In the case of fittings, during dismantling/remantling it is necessary to
selection of the appropriate number of axles. To automate this, we offer
fast and simple solution.

Container tracker

In addition to fixed devices, we also have mobile solutions to serve our partners, which vary in size, power supply and functionality.

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In addition to fixed devices, we also have mobile solutions to serve our partners, which vary in size, power supply and functionality.