About mobile parking… Mobile parking apps have existed for years to make it easier to buy a parking ticket. Their popularity is due to the fact that they allow you to buy a parking ticket without cash, but they are also very convenient because you can start parking while sitting in your car. But why is mobile parking often a nuisance? Because in a hurry, it’s easy to misread the number plate or forget to confirm the text message confirming that parking has started. So, although we are acting in good faith, a parking fine (unless we are lucky) is inevitable, because the parking fee was not paid for our own car, or not paid at all. Parking companies are also well aware of the phenomenon of inattentiveness, whereby we do not send a text message when we have finished parking, and only the message at the end of the day tells us that we have effectively paid for hours of parking in vain. So we don’t get a fine, but we are wasting money.
Automatikus e-parkolás

How does E-Parking differ from mobile parking?

The E-Parking system is fully automated. No mobile application is required to buy a parking ticket and cancel the parking. For control and the possibility of intervention, the use of the ITS GO+ driver application is recommended. It is not necessary to enter the registration number of the parked car or even to select the parking zone. Everything works by itself!

Besides starting and stopping parking, the ITS GO+ driver app can also help you find your vehicle if you forget where you parked it.

No more parking tickets or overpayments! How is this possible?

How does E-Parking work?

The E-Parking system uses the GPS device installed in the vehicle to automatically detect the parking zones throughout the country, and after a 2-minute waiting period, it automatically redeems the parking ticket for the vehicle with the preset registration number. When the ignition is switched on, the system immediately stops parking, thus eliminating any parking-related tasks or defaults by the driver. The system also sends an instant push message (ITS GO+ driver app) when parking is started and stopped, so you can be 100% sure that the system is working.

How can I use E-Parking?

To use E-Parking, your vehicle must have a built-in GPS tracker (we provide the necessary equipment). This device will enable us to determine the position of your vehicle, its ignition status, so that we can start or stop the service. Our partners do not need to pre-fill any balance, we finance the parking for the month and send a summary invoice after the month in question.

GO+ DRIVER app to support E-Parking

As mentioned above, you do not need an app to use E-Parking. So what is the GO+ driver app for? For parking, to “keep” the last 10 parking tickets purchased, to keep control, to stop or override the process if necessary. In the absence of this, e-mail or SMS messages can replace the notifications, but intervention is only possible via web access.

Can other functions of the GO+ application be linked to E-Parking?

Yes, all the functions of the Go+ driver application can be linked on request.

Gyakori kérdések az E-parkolással kapcsolatban

The E-Parking system is only activated when the ignition is switched off. In economy mode, since only the engine is switched off and the vehicle remains on, no parking ticket is required.

 Yes, it is possible to specify several zones in which you are exempt from charges. You can therefore specify the coordinates of your residence, workplace or other areas as a unique setting to avoid duplication. What’s more! With the free downloadable GO+ app, which supports the E-parking system, you can also interrupt parking on an ad hoc basis.

 A 2-minute waiting time has been set in the E-Parking system before the automatic purchase of a parking ticket. This time is usually sufficient to allow you to make the final decision on your parking intention. Therefore, if you continue driving your vehicle within 2 minutes, automatic parking will not be activated.

 Yes, E-Parking is available nationwide in all paid parking zones operated by NM Zrt.

Not necessary, but recommended for a full service. All you need to use E-Parking is a GPS device installed in your car. The ITS GO+ driver app only needs to be downloaded so that the system can send an instant push notification when parking is started and finished, and to allow easy intervention if necessary.

The GO+ application supports E-Parking. It is not required for automatic parking, but your last 10 parking spaces are noted and marked. In our experience, it is sufficient to administer the last 10 parking tickets to veto an incorrect parking ticket, but if necessary, a certificate of the last parking ticket can be obtained free of charge via our Customer Service.

Yes, the E-Parking system will not make the tracking data available to a 3rd party. Neither his current location nor for a retroactive time interval.